Salt scrub with alpine herbs

Gentle body scrub with fine salt, nourishing almond and sunflower oil and pure essential oils of rosemary, sage, mint, eucalyptus and mountain pine. The gently cleansing peeling removes dead skin cells and stimulates blood circulation - for a velvety soft, well-groomed skin.
€ 9.95
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Scent: aromatic-fresh

Application: In the shower or during a steam bath. Apply to damp skin, massage in and then rinse off thoroughly. Do not use on face, genitals or on sore skin.

*Raw material from controlled organic cultivation.

Use within 3 months after opening.
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The high-quality body cream with pure grapeseed oil is a source of intensive moisture and leaves the skin protected and looking well-maintained. Application: after showering, apply to dry skin and massage in. For very dry skin, apply up to twice a day.
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Face Scrub 50ml

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Herbal Essence Dandelion 15ml

Dandelion has a cooling effect, especially when treating muscle strain and supports regeneration. It soothes and cleanses. As dandelion has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, it is suitable for use on combined, normal and oily skin types with skin impurities. Application: Apply 5 to 10 drops of the essence onto the décolleté, neck and face and work well into the skin. Apply a face cream on-top. Every essence can be used under a mask or mixed with body lotion.
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Toner 100ml

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