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These three products in combination makes your skin glow: Face Mask 50ml Face Scrub 50ml Face Cream - 50ml
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Face Mask 50ml
The soothing cream mask, enriched with wild thyme, dandelion and edelweiss, helps the skin to improve its own resilience and protect itself more effectively. The special minerals from the Ghassoul clay soil have a soothing effect and support the skin’s acid-base balance.

Face Scrub 50ml
Natural enzymes break down dead skin cells and activate the skin. Minute pieces of walnut shell create an added exfoliating effect. D-Panthenol supplies the skin with moisture.

Face Cream - 50ml
This rapidly absorbed skincare cream moisturises and supports the skin’s acid-base balance. Edelweiss extract activates the skin’s protective mechanisms and boosts its defences. Evening primrose oil soothes and regenerates the skin.

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Best price set - Facial cleansing

These three products can be perfectly combined for facial cleansing: Cleanser 100ml Tonic 100ml Face Cream - 50ml
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Balance Alpine 1000+ Gesichtswasser | Naturnahe Kosmetik

Toner 100ml

The refreshing facial toner harmonises and refines the complexion after cleansing. Wild thyme and dandelion purify and soothe the skin. Application: Add toner to a cotton wool pad in the morning and evening after cleansing, then gently clean the face, neck and décolleté. Let your face absorb the toner for a short time. Finally, apply the skincare treatment. Suitable for all skin types, pH value 7,5 - 8,0
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Reinigungsgel Balance Alpine 1000+ | Naturnahe Kosmetiklinie

Cleanser 100ml

The delicate cleansing gel provides pore-deep cleansing, leaving the skin feeling pure and well-maintained. The basic recipe of St. John’s wort and angelica is particularly well tolerated by the skin and has a soothing effect during cleansing. Application: mix the cleansing gel with water and use to cleanse the face. Then remove thoroughly with a luke-warm, damp compress or a flannel mitt. Suitable for all skin types - pH value 7.3 - 7.8
€ 26.50
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Best price set - Herbal essences

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